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What inspires your creativity?

So where does the inspiration for our designs come from? Almost anywhere.  You can provide your own inspiration, or personalize one of our amazing patterns.

Some clients have sent fabric samples,

while others have started with a picture they like or an element from nature.

Your options are endless.

Are you inspired by your environment?

Inspiration - Birch Bark

Results of inspiration - River Birch

Are you inspired by nature?

Inspiration - Elephant Trunk

Results of inspiration - Tusk

Are you inspired by your décor?

Inspiration - Fabric Sample

Results of inspiration - Chrysanthemum

Are you inspired by places you've been?

Inspiration - Mineral Trails on Rocks

Results of inspiration - Over the Rainbow

So, what inspires you?

No matter where you get your inspiration,

we can help bring your ideas to life.

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Are you inspired by things you love?

Inspiration - Pillows

Results of inspiration - Dazzler