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Our carpets are proudly

designed and crafted in the USA.

So what does made in the USA mean?

To you, made in the USA means higher quality and shorter lead times.  To us, made in the USA means pride, quality and craftsmanship.  It means products made to last, made to exceed your expectation, and be the greatest value over its lifetime.

American Pride

From our order desks and design studio in Wichita, Kansas to our manufacturing facility and  warehouse in Spindale, North Carolina, the people of White Oak Carpet Mills are restoring the rigor and the promise once implicit in "American Made."

Made in the USA

A few good reasons

to buy products made in the USA.

Economists estimate that if consumers buy just 5% more  American made products it would

create a million new US jobs!

Product Safety

Products made in the USA are produced by American workers who pride themselves on their workmanship. In addition, US products are made using quality materials which must adhere to strict regulations in regard to its safety and ultimately the safety of the consumer.



Products made in the USA  are  made using the finest  materials, not assembled in sweat shops, where the goal is to turn out as many items as possible, and where the workers nor their supervisors care about how long they last.


Quality Craftsmanship

Quality usually costs more, but in the long term , it is actually less expensive, because the item will endure.


At White Oak, every product we manufacture is made right here in the USA.

Interesting Facts

A recent Harris Interactive study shows Americans of both genders, all political parties and all ages care about buying American


The survey concluded that nearly half of respondents say they buy American because they’re worried about the safety of products made overseas, while 45 percent worry about the quality.


In addition, 39 percent were concerned about the human rights of the foreign workers who make these products, while 32 percent worry about the environmental impact of products made outside the U.S.


The larger the purchase, the more importance people attach to buying American.  Between 70 and 75 percent of people believe buying American-made home furnishings or cars  is important or very important .


Check those fine print labels on the samples, and help support America’s future by buying products made in the USA.

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