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Nature's Best

and Most Sustainable Fibers

When choosing White Oak Carpets, you are choosing the best of the best in fiber options.  When it comes to wool, we use only 100% New Zealand Wool in our carpets.  American Mohair is a naturally renewable fiber, highly valued for its flame-resistance and high sound absorbency, yet it is one of the softest fibers available.

Benefits of wool

We use only 100% New Zealand Wool in our carpets.

When choosing White Oak Carpets, you are choosing the best of the best in fiber options.











Wool's naturally coiled biological structure forces it to spring back after foot-fall to ensure decades of unfading beauty.

Wool is non-allergenic, non-toxic, and soil-and-fire-resistant.

Wool helps control moisture levels in the air by absorbing or releasing humidity as needed for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Unlike synthetic fibers, wool is natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable.

Wool carpet has a porous surface due to the millions of individual fibers that make up the yarn. This property of the fiber allows for sound waves to be absorbed into the carpet, providing superior noise reduction within your home.

New Zealand wool is removed from the sheep in an ethical and pain free manner. The farmers who provide New Zealand wool are committed to the care and comfort of their flocks. When buying carpet made from New Zealand wool, you can rest assured that the animals are treated with compassion. In fact, New Zealand wool is the only wool available on the market that can offer this reassurance.

  • Color and Texture

    The excellent dye holding properties of wool means wool carpets are available in every shade, pattern and texture.  All of these attributes combine to offer stunning interior design options.

  • Comfort, warmth and quiet

    Wool offers several levels of unique comfort to the interior environment which all add to the enjoyment of your home. Wool provides a soft and luxurious feeling to flooring and softly cushions your step. It is warm and cozy and helps reduce heat loss which in turn helps improve energy efficiency, saving you money. What’s more, wool carpets provide excellent sound absorption – reducing sound reverberation within rooms and helping reduce the transfer of noise from room to room and floor to floor.

  • Cleaner Internal Air

    Due to its unique natural cell structure, wool can work in harmony with its environment, enabling it to breathe and absorb moisture – reducing the level of humidity in the room.  It is hypoallergenic, will limit floating dust by capturing the particles in its top layer until vacuumed.  In addition, wool carpets can reduce contaminants within the air by its ability to absorb continuously and hold them within their core permanently.

  • Durability with long lasting appearance

    Wool has a uniquely robust quality which enables it to resist flattening and create bounce back despite repeated pressure.  Wool carpets maintain a great appearance despite heavy traffic, making wool carpets perfect for the busy pathways in the home while retaining its color and form.

  • Safer

    A high nitrogen and water content make wool a naturally fire retardant fiber which makes it hard to ignite.  Wool has low flame spread and will not drip, melt or release noxious fumes.  Also wool carpets can offer improved protection from slips and falls.

  • Easy-care

    The fiber’s structure repels soiling and does not absorb spills immediately, allowing time for blotting up.  A regular vacuuming is all that is required to lift soiling and refresh the pile of a carpet.

Sustainably produced and traceable back to the farms on the lush, rolling pastures of New Zealand.

Laneve™ is the premium brand from Wools of New Zealand, going beyond the excellence of the product to attest to the sustainability and traceability of the wool itself.

Laneve™ branded carpets and rugs are made from 100 percent wool traceable back to identifiable farmers who meet a comprehensive range of environmental, social responsibility and animal welfare standards.


Laneve™ provides assurance of:


Traceability  The wool in Laneve branded carpets and rugs is traceable back to the farms that grew it.


Animal Welfare  Strict codes of practice covering animal health, nutrition and safety.


Land Management Highly skilled and experienced farmers combine traditional, non-intensive farming systems with current best practice to ensure optimal land management.


Farming Practices  Free-range farms naturally producing high quality wool for premium carpets and rugs.


Environmental Standards  Protection of the land and waterways to ensure both environmental and economic sustainability.

Genuinely Different.

Looks better. Feels better. Performs better.

At White Oak, we strive to innovate and bring truly special products to the market. Although American Mohair has found its way into fashion through the apparel industry, we are excited to be a major user in  home furnishings.

Mohair is among the rarest of luxury fibers.

Yet its durability cannot be matched by any other natural fiber. Mohair has an exceptional ease of maintenance and cleanability.


The fiber itself is stronger than steel of the same diameter and is able to take wear with amazing resilience due to its surface smoothness and elasticity.


Mohair also has many of the same wonderful attributes of wool such as its flame resistance, sound absorbency and natural insulation properties, however Mohair’s longer staple means it will shed less than wool.

This exceptional, velvety smooth fiber provides a supple hand that belies its strength. It also has a beautiful luster and shine that promote a greater feeling of luxury. The luster in the fiber causes light to play across the face of the carpet, giving it a unique glow.


Proudly grown in the Hill Country of Texas.

A natural, biodegradable

and renewable luxury fiber.

Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. In an era of discerning consumers, be sure to offer the versatility of Merino wool and its inherent, natural benefits.


The beauty of Merino Wool.


Merino wool is a natural, biodegradable and renewable fiber, making it the perfect choice for those seeking products with a minimal impact on the environment. It’s a fiber that is real, accessible, responsible and iconic.


With Merino wool you can achieve some amazing tonalities that really have a great depth of color, and although it has a timeless appeal, only a select few carpet manufacturers feature products using Merino.

The ecology of Merino Wool.


Grown year-round, Merino sheep consume a simple blend of water, air, sunshine and grass. Every year Merino sheep produce a new fleece, making Merino a completely renewable fiber source.


Well looked-after sheep living in a good environment produce the best wool. So it's in the interests of the Merino farmers, as well as the sheep, to commit to exceptionally high standards of animal welfare, responsible use of land and water resources and sustainable farming.

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