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Our very best custom luxury carpet.

Our ability to design carpet and rugs with no pattern repeat, and offer expanded widths and lengths, allow us to create cabin-perfect pieces specifically engineered to complement each space.

Synergy is exclusively available from AIP.

Our in house design experts have the specialized technology and skill to create custom virtual design samples of your desired carpet quality. These advanced digital images are able to simulate the rich colors and dynamic textures of your ideal carpet.

Your Project Is Personal

We know the demands of producing carpets unique in their design and flawless in their execution, and we will work every business day to make your project flexible, fast, accurate, and easy.


Your Ideas Matter

White Oak design professionals can translate your concepts into digital images that will reproduce in every detail the color and texture of the carpet you have

imagined. We can quickly adjust patterns and coloration, giving you incremental refinements of your ideas without the costs or the long lead times associated with actual manufacturing.


You will enjoy dramatic flexibility in colors and patterns, as our original VariaLoom technology controls every variable- pile height, needle and yarn size, stitching, and gauge- to create luxurious, one-of-a-kind art for your floor.

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